Timeless WA Hardwoods


The bad news is Tony has retired

from manufacturing

(but I can not close up until all the timber is sold)

The good news is you can purchase  the vast amount of timber that has been acumulated over the past 18 years

For your next project using top quality natural edge slabs of timber it has to be TIMELESS

Jarrah, Marri, Sheoak, Birdseye Karri, W.A. Blackbutt, Tuart
Please note more details under "Species Available" heading




Marri slabs are available

this one 2100 long is in the process of being filled with black resin.

when filled levelled and sanded







Jarrah slab ready levelled and sanded

one straight edge. 

Ideal for bar top or side table

2050 lonh 500 wide



Jarrah Boards

200 by 50

150 by 50

up to 4800 long

100 by 25

to 4000 long

150 by 25



Slab on right

2100 long 700 wide natural edge both sides



Marri slab

ready levelled

in process of being filled

3000 by 1000





Wide Jarrah boards

On the left

12 boards

315 wide by 4000 long by 42 thick

at $45 per lineal Meter

On the right 4200 long by 250 wide by 40 thick

at $35 per meter


On the left

Marri and Jarrah boards


On the right a Jarrah log sitting pationtly drying, now about to be sold

slabs 5400 long and up to 1200 wide all of these slabs available

Woodworking is the art or expertise of creating things out of wood

Woodworking is a love, an art, and a skill develped over time.

Woodworking is fun and rewarding


On the right Marri boards 200 by 28


lineal meter



On the left Jarrah boards 100 by 25

$8 per lineal meter


on the right some rough Jarrah boards 75 by 38

$4 LM to clear






Jarrah beams

220 by 110

2.1 long

$40 each

2.7 long

$50 each

2.4 long

$45 each









$300 for top 2 and

 from $590









For boards 200 by 40, 200 by 50 and 200 by 60 see Marri boards in species available


Left Jarrah slab dressed and filled




on the right J1006 is $750

has one straight edge



On the left Jarrah slab 2700 long

1200 wide

50 thick


plus GST

leveled and ready filled




right "Coffee and Cream"

table for $1500



on the left Jarrah boards 200 wide

50 thick

$25 per meter



On the right

Tuart boards

these are 60mm thick by 210 or 100 wide also 40mm thick by 210

$21 lm

















Jarrah slab

3000 by 760

legeled and sanded



on the right Jarrah slab




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